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Jamaica Me Crazy

Jamaica Me Crazy

Needing a tropical getaway without the actual getaway? Well, Jamaica Me Crazy will bring that island vibe to your home! As you pop open your package, you will get the lovely smell of lemon, orange peel, and tangerine. Once it meets the heat of your warmer bursts of orange, coconut, and pineapple will fill the room with notes of sugar and rum creeping in.

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100% soy wax
100% Phthalate free
Non-toxic fragrances

Recyclable container and bottle


Candle - 7 oz

Room Spray - 4 oz

Wax Melts - 2.5 oz

Care Instructions

Store wax melts in a cool place (this does not mean store them in a refrigerator as this may alter the scent throw)

Do not leave your wax in direct sunlight.

To remove wax melt from your warmer, simply turn on your warmer to soften the wax (not enough to completely melt). The wax should soften within 1-2 minutes.
Once the wax soften simply wipe the melt out of your warmer.

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